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Our Hospice Home

Eastern Idaho Hospice & Expert Care

Located in Ammon, Idaho, the Hospice of Eastern Idaho Hospice Home provides patients with our expert holistic care in a comfortable, easily-accessible home. We began providing this service in the summer of 2015, in addition to the care we currently provide to patients wherever they reside.

Patients who may utilize this service include:

Anyone who has elected hospice services and

  • Is in need of short term pain and symptom management not adequately managed in their home,
  • Needs respite admission to provide relief for the caregiver, or
  • Have significant needs which exceed the caregiver’s capacity at their home or upon discharge from the hospital.

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Hospice Home Gallery

Living Room

hospice care Idaho     hospice care Idaho

Dining Room

hospice care Idaho

Patient Room

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Family Room with Children’s Corner

hospice care Idaho