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Idaho Falls Hospice Background

In 2000, Good Samaritan Nursing Home operated the only hospice in Idaho Falls. When a decision was made to close down the hospice program, it left Idaho Falls without a hospice. Knowing the need for hospice services, a small group of their former employees got together and decided to form a new hospice. Founders of this new not-for-profit Hospice of Eastern Idaho included Marilyn Watts, Ray Barnes, and Chuck Rice.

History1Keeping the fledgling hospice afloat in those early days required the support of many unpaid hours of work and contributions of generous donors. The organization outlasted the many challenges of its early years. Through the support of dedicated staff, energetic volunteers, and generous donors, we are able to provide quality care that goes beyond the medical guidelines set forth by Medicare/Medicaid. Our care improves the lives of people in our community, the patients and families, who are affected by a terminal illness.