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Physician’s Corner

Hospice PhysiciansIf your physician would like more information about hospice, we can visit his/her office directly, or we would be happy to send out information upon request. Examples of the topics of discussion we offer are provided below.


Are there Medicare guidelines for determining a terminal diagnosis?

Medicare publishes a guideline which we can provide to any physician who requests it.


Are there other diseases besides cancer that are hospice eligible, and what criteria do they have to meet?

There are many diagnoses besides cancer that are appropriate for hospice. We have complete clinical guidelines provided by Medicare available. Please call for more information.


Can the attending physician continue to bill Medicare for services and if so, how?

Yes, the attending physician can either bill through hospice for care of the patient’s terminal illness symptoms, or you can bill Plan B for non-related care. Please have your biller call us for specifics.


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