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Board of Directors

Because we are a not-for-profit 501(c)(3), we are required by law to have a Board of Directors. Our bylaws allow a small fraction of the board to include paid employees; however, most of the Board of Directors are local residents who donate their time so that we can continue to provide quality hospice care to the community.

Hospice Staff

Our Current Board of Directors
Diane Key, Chairman, Board of Directors
Carol Ormond, Vice Chairman
Nick Burrows, Treasurer
Cindy Billington, Secretary
Diane Sheldon, Board Member
Michael Love, Board Member
Donna O’Kelly, Board Member

Corporate Officers

Celeste Eld, Executive Director
The executive director is responsible for the management and operation of all hospice program areas and for promoting hospice within the community.

Dr. Scott Taylor, Medical Director
The Medical Director is responsible for directing and coordinating all medical care of the patients and medically related functions of Hospice of Eastern Idaho. The Medical Director serves as a consultant to the patient’s physician. At the request of the patient or the patient’s own physician, the Medical Director may assume primary care of the patient.

Lorri Anderson, Patient Services Director
The Patient Service Director is responsible for overseeing all nursing aspects of Hospice of Eastern Idaho. Coordinating the interdisciplinary team to provide care that meets the patient/family goals for quality care is the main responsibility of the Patient Services Director.