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Become a Volunteer for our Idaho Hospice

Idaho HospiceHospice of Eastern Idaho is a community based not-for-profit hospice serving the needs of the terminally ill and their families in Eastern Idaho by providing them with the highest quality of care.

Our trained volunteers provide support and care to patients and their families in every aspect of the hospice program. Volunteer services are determined by the needs and wishes of the individuals seeking support and are matched with the skills and gifts of those volunteering.

Volunteers engage in a wide variety of services including patient visitation, providing caregiving while the caregiver takes a break, housekeeping chores, bereavement follow-up, clerical assistance, and more.

Diane Key, a long time hospice volunteer and now unpaid Chairman of the Board of Directors, sums up her years of volunteer service with Hospice of Eastern Idaho this way: “The rewards I’ve received from relationships and experiences with these special people far exceed my contributions.”

Idaho Hospice: Volunteer Training

Idaho HospiceOur Volunteer Training includes extensive training in a classroom setting. The Volunteer Training program is attended not only by people wishing to become Hospice Volunteers but it is also attended by people who wish to learn more about the hospice program so they may understand the choices they have when caring for a loved one.

The training covers all aspects of hospice and includes speakers who are directly involved with hospice care. People find that attending the hospice training for volunteers is an enlightening and enriching experience.

Our next training will be April 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th 2019 1pm to 4pm Please contact  Marilou Hart at 529-0342  or email at or register HERE

For more information about volunteering at Hospice of Eastern Idaho, speak to our Volunteer Coordinator.